Our New Address

We have moved just around the corner to: 6/29 Kitchener Pde, Bankstown, NSW, 2200 … [Read more...]

EFS Regulation 10 Qualifications


Educator Fact Sheet 3 Did you know? As a Family Day Care Educator you are required to be ‘actively working towards’ a qualification (Regulation 10). What does this mean? This means that you need to be enrolled in a relevant course of study for example, Certificate III in Children’s Services. You also need to have proof you are enrolled in the course and making satisfactory progress towards the completion of the course. This is necessary for registration as an Educator. (See Better Future Family Day Care Policy 8.0 for further … [Read more...]

Regulation 81 Sleep and Rest


Educator Fact Sheet 2 Did you know? As a Family Day Care Educator you have a responsibility to cater for the individual sleep and rest needs of children in your care (Regulation 81). This means that you need to take into consideration the child’s age, developmental stage, cultural practices and other needs. Children need a comfortable environment for their bodies to rest and relax. It is important the environment is safe and well supervised and the beds and cots comply with Australian standards (AS/NZS 2172) to ensure children are safe. The … [Read more...]

Regulation 78 Food and Beverage


Educator Fact Sheet 1 Did you know? As a Family Day Care Educator you need to ensure that children have access to safe drinking water at all times and are offered food and beverages on a regular basis throughout the day. (Regulation 78) Ensure each child has their own drink bottle or flask clearly labeled with their name on it in a place they can access throughout the day. You can request parents or carers bring one from home, ensure any lids and caps are appropriate. Alternatively, you may like to provide a water dispenser or cooler that … [Read more...]

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