Regulation 78 Food and Beverage

Educator Fact Sheet 1

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As a Family Day Care Educator you need to ensure that children have access to safe drinking water at all times and are offered food and beverages on a regular basis throughout the day. (Regulation 78)Food-and-Beverage

Ensure each child has their own drink bottle or flask clearly labeled with their name on it in a place they can access throughout the day. You can request parents or carers bring one from home, ensure any lids and caps are appropriate. Alternatively, you may like to provide a water dispenser or cooler that children can use to access water throughout the day. You need to have a collection of clean, age appropriate cups available and a separate designated space for storing used cups.

Please review the Better Future Family Day Care ‘Policy 1.1 Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Practices’ for your responsibilities regarding the provision of water to children.


Talk to one of the Coordination Unit Staff if you want some suggestions or advice to better implement this practice.

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