Communication plays a significant role in Family Day Care. Better Future Family Day Care’s policy strongly emphasizes open communication between parents/ carers, the Educator and Coordination Unit staff.

What do we do differently??

• We communicate with parents and carers throughout the year
• Feedback and surveys are taken and treated with utmost level of importance
• Regular updates are communicated to parents on child care
• Scheme policies and procedures are reviewed and updated

Better Future Family Day Care welcomes contribution from all involved so that we can continue to build and improve our services to children, parents and carers.

Our core values

  • Safety – For us the safety of every child is one of the single most important values we uphold
  • Values and Culture – We respect family values and cultures and try as much as possible to educate our carers on the importance of understanding the diversity of each child.
  • Approval – All our Child care personnel are confirmed and checked for all necessary bodies’ certification and clearance.
  • Flexibility – Our hours are devised to meet the needs of every parent with consideration for season and holidays

Educators are expected to be available if parents/guardians need to discuss their children’s needs. This however should be scheduled at suitable time as long conversation between parents/guardians and Educators at pick up or drop off times does not impact on the quality of care provided to children. Parents and carers are also encouraged to request formal “parent-teacher” type information sessions on any serious development issues, development plans or behavioural issues they may be concerned about. Better Future Family Day Care Coordination Unit Staff are also available to engage with parents, listen to any concerns they have or receive any suggestions/recommendations they may provide.

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