EFS Regulation 10 Qualifications

Educator Fact Sheet 3

fact-sheet-3-1Did you know?
As a Family Day Care Educator you are required to be ‘actively working towards’ a qualification (Regulation 10). What does this mean? This means that you need to be enrolled in a relevant course of study for example, Certificate III in Children’s Services. You also need to have proof you are enrolled in the course and making satisfactory progress towards the completion of the course. This is necessary for registration as an Educator. (See Better Future Family Day Care Policy 8.0 for further information.)

What Support is Available to you?fact-sheet-3-2

  • If you are interested in becoming a family day care Educator with Better Future Family Day Care but do not have a qualification, the Coordination Unit can support you to enroll in an appropriate course necessary for registration. We are affiliated with a number of training organisations that offer competitive prices and flexible delivery.
  • If you have children you may be eligible to receive JET Child Care Fee Assistance. This is financial support provided by Centrelink to assist parents who are working, studying, training and re-entering the workforce. You can phone Centrelink on 136 150 to find out more details and see if you are eligible.
  • If you need extra help or support with your studies you can talk to one of the Coordination Unit Staff members. The staff combined skills, qualifications and expertise can help you understand your coursework and provide extra support to help you complete your assignments.


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